Evidence of past civilizations

08:10:01, 09 Januari 2018 Himawari

MadNews Edisi 13/IX/2017-2018 - It has been very busy week for the 4th graders since they had to prepare for their learning celebration in the coming days. The learning celebration will engage all the students, teachers, and parents as well as staff. The 4th graders had to preparetheir performance and their learning journey evidence that they will show and present to all in the day of the learning celebration.

The central idea of their Learning Celebration is “Evidence of past civilizations can be used to make connections to present-day societies. To assess their understanding of the central idea, they had some projects to do. The projects were making slides, T chart, placemat chart, wall magazine, etc. In math session, to deepen their understanding in the concept of multiplication, division, LCM, and GCF, they explored the materials through some worksheets and math project.  (Irena Diniati)

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