Factors Of Production

08:44:10, 24 September 2019 Muhamad Chori Zikrin

Who doesn’t like snacks or sweets? Everyone must love it, especially teenagers. But what are they made from? Who were involved in the making process of it?

Production is an activity to provide good and services for consumers, and also an activity changing the raw materials into finished products. Through this topic, the eighth graders were trying to identify the resources needed to produce their favorite snacks. It started from listing ‘the land’ (natural resources) that they can find it in the ingredients provided on the package. They were also assigned to investigate ‘the capital’ (man-made resources) and ‘the labor’ (human resources or workers) which were involved in the process of production. Then they had to find the company as ‘the enterprise’ acting as the one who manages the entire resources to be made as a product.

For the project of this topic, they tried to cook their favorite snack by bringing ‘the land and the capital’ needed, and they made themselves to be ‘the labor and the enterprise’ for their products.(Dini Pujiastuti)

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