Learnt and showed their inclusivity by joining Festival Budaya Agama

11:13:06, 07 Maret 2018 Himawari

MadNews Edisi 28/III/2017-2018 - This week, the 6th graders learnt and showed their inclusivity by joining Festival Budaya Agama, as the final event of Madania Festival 2018. On Tuesday, February 27th 2018, they wore costumes based on their religion culture and watched performances in Multi Purpose Hall, together with the whole school community. 

During the Kindergarten Exhibition, the students carried out the responsibilities well in conducting community service, such as leading the kindergarten students to have a gallery walk and helping them in do the workshop activities. 

The 6th graders are also preparing for the final test by having UN-Preparation sessions and practices in class. We are doing our best because by failing to prepare, it ameans we are preparing to fail. Fighting, Kids! (Gusva Havita)

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