The 7th graders did a review about pressure, work, and energy

10:33:03, 13 Maret 2017 Administrator

Madania News Edisi 27/III/2016-2017 - (Grade 7) Mid-semester test is just around the corner; thus, to prepare for the test, the 7th graders did a review about pressure, work, and energy. The review was not done in an ordinary written exercise but they did some sort of quiz instead. The class was divided into two groups consisting of six to eight members, sitting in a line based on the group. The member at the first line must answer one question related to the topics, but if he/she could not answer the question, he/she was allowed to ask for an assist from one member behind him/her. After the question was answered, he/she would sit at the very back and the next member would move forward to answer the next questions. They were so excited doing the quiz because the questions, taken from IGCSE Cambridge International Examination, were pretty challenging. They showed their analytical thinking, teamwork, and self-confidence very well during the quiz. Some of them forgot about the concept of atmospheric pressure and kinetic energy, but after some discussion and explanation, they could cope with it. Good luck for the mid-test! (Veni Dwintasari)

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