The final examination

13:59:28, 03 Januari 2017 Administrator

Madania News EDISI 17/XII/2016-2017 - (Grade 6) To provide students with sufficient practices and see their readiness to face the the final examination (US/M and the final test), the 6th graders had the first try out and reviews this week. The try out covered six subjects: bahasa Indonesia, math, IPA, IPS, PKn, and religion. They were nervous at first since we set everything precisely like the actual US/M, hoping that they would get more familiar with the real condition. They were also busy as bees this week as they had their summative assessment of Where We Are in Place and Time unit of inquiry. Analyzing some of the impacts of globalization through interviewing the school community and searching about how nations solve the problems related to the effect of globalization through internet research were what they did all to support their preparation for the summative assessment. They really enjoyed the process as they were challenged to maximize their social, communication, thinking, research, and self-management skills. However, as the days passed, the students finally understand that practices and discipline are the keys to their success. More try outs coming up in the second semester. We hope to see a steady progress before they finally face the long-anticipated tests. We wish you all the best, grade 6 students. (S.A.E Lestari Lambertus)

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