Language Overview

Humans use language as a means of communication both verbal and written. Language has a vital role in the lives of humans. It is used to support the activities of a civilised society in every aspect of life. With this in mind, the teaching and learning of language is crucial for student of Madania.

The teaching of language in Madania is based on the 2013 National Curricullum and the Cambridge Curricullum. The application of the two curricullums can be seen in the activities of the language departement in Madania.

Madania offers various language learning facilities. Together with Bahasa Indonesia as the mother tongue, students are facilitated to learn English as a second language. To further prepare students to compete in the globalisation era, Madania School offers foreign language to students starting from Junior High School. There are 4 foreign languages being offered here, Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic, and German. All students are required to choose one of the four foreign languages. Students are expected to follow that foreign language up to the high school level to ensure an optimal level of competency.

The teaching of languages in Madania is conducted by adhering to the 4 aspects of language, which are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. There are a multitude of different classroom activities to apply and develop the 4 aspects above.

Students can explore and work on their fluency in the language of their choice through the activity of roleplay, interviews, fieldtrips, library research, discussions, projects, cultural programs and cookery activities to increase and improve their language vocabulary. All of the above activities are held during regular school hours from 07.40-15.00 or other times as scheduled by the teachers during fieldtrips. 



To explore and enrich students’ learning experience of Bahasa Indonesia, English and the 4 other foreign language, Madania also facilitates students to enroll in language based competitions. Such as spelling bee, speech contest, story telling, Kanji writting,Japanese speech contest, Mandarin speech contest, German language quiz and German short story competition.

Specifically for the German Language studies, Madania school has worked with the Goethe Institute and has be recognised as a Partner School (Partnerschule). This partnership comes wtih many advantages such as teacher training facilities, teacher exchange, teacher short course in Germany, and for the selected students that passes the German competency test a chance to follow a 2-3 month language course in Germany.

In the near future, Madania is working on nurturing relationships with Japanase, Mandarin, Arabic or English language institutions to offer an increasingly variative language environment. Madania also works to develop the teaching of Bahasa Indonesia to ensure that Madania students continue to appreciate and apply good practices of Bahasa Indonesia in their lives.

Article by Nina Kartini, translation in English by Kartika Asril

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