Student Affairs professional work with students individually and in groups; Strive to encourage, and support students to achieve the fullest benefit from all non-academic programs and services. Activities are designed to foster development students. Students are provided opportunities to develop learner profiles, English Language, Literacy, and other program that support students skill such as Sekolah Sehat and KMDM (Kecil Menanam Dewasa Memanen) program.

Student Affairs also supervise selection for students of the month based on Learner profiles and attitudes for all grade levels who demonstrate good characteristics, good role models for other students and their contributions to school and community.


Students Discipline and Counseling

Students’ discipline and behavior problems, attendance problems, and monitoring activities are parts of student affairs handling. Since establishing effective discipline practices is critical to ensure academic success and to provide a save learning environment. Restitution is one of the approaches to student discipline and positive behavior support.

We do apply the concept of restitution, in which help students to reflect their self control of the miss behavior.



Students’ affairs also design the program that deal with personal, social, and student counseling. This activities is in cooperation with School Counselor individually and in groups, to help students increase self-understanding adjusted to the individual needs, using a variety of approaches, styles, methods, and programs designed to empower students to accomplish their developmental tasks in a positive learning environment.


Literacy through Reading Habit

Other skills developed is Reading Program which is applied to all primary communities including teachers. It is intended to foster reading habit among the Primary Students to be life-long reading and increases students’ confidence to acquire all the knowledge, skills and values essential for their success in school and life.  


English Language Program

English Department is design to develop English Language ability among teachers and students. It develop community in English Speaking ability. The program is learning lesson through class activity, native teacher, and Professional learning Community.

The newest program that have just been launched is Homestay Program. Students are provided with international Program, to have experience a true foreign language environment abroad and discovered fascinating cultures and countries. They will learn about many different aspects of language, independency, learner profiles, self-actualization and communication skills.


Health student clinics/Unit Kesehatan Sekolah (UKS)

Health student clinics, which support all primary communities to enhance student well-being including regularly health education, monitoring of health problems and treatment of medication problems by fully trained nurse on duty and a doctor. Services are available at no cost to all students. The health clinic trains some students chosen to be “Little Doctor” to help doctor and nurse in health education to other students.



Supporting and challenging our students through kinds of competitions, covering local and international level regularly are what we do. It can teach valuable lessons; critical thinking, decision-making and problem solving, and provide feedback to students about their performance and improvement. In a supportive environment it can teach a student to accept failure without losing self-esteem.



The activities are intended to develop students’ characters and transdisciplinary skills which prepare them in their life.

1. Community service 

Community service is a form of social services provided by Madania Secondary students towards the community without any compensation or payment. We offer two types of community service programs, i.e., in-house dan outhouse. The in-house communityservice are programs that are executed by students within the school area, while the out-house community service programs are various social activities held outside the school area. Through this activities,  the students will have a well-rounded development and nurture high empathy towards others


2. Extracurricular 

Extracurricular are activities that are specifically guided by competent educators to help developing the potentials, interests, and talents of the stud5nts in various fields.


3. Excursion

Excursion is to obtain an authentic learning experience, and to learn how to socialize. For higher secondary students, we also organize a live-in program where students will live with a local family for one night. Students will interact with the residents and join a community service activity during their live-in community. For the Lower Secondary students, the socializing program is arranged in the form of visiting and interacting with members of orphanages and nursing homes and teaching in schools in remote areas.



4. Home Stay

One of the best ways to learn is through real-life experiences. Madania School provides an opportunity for children to develop their life skills by living abroad for two weeks. They live in their host family, share cultural experiences, and find how interesting it is to live like locals.

Students joining this program will have the experience of a lifetime, where they become a part of a great cultural exchange which can renew their points of view of the world.

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