Vision-Mission-Values-School Beliefs

Vision-Mission-Values-School Beliefs

Vision – Mission – Values – School Belief

For the purpose of realizing what is contained in the name of "Madania" and simultaneously answering the social conditions of education in the motherland, Madania School vision was thus formulated. The school's vision is

“A True Indonesian School for the Next Generation of Leaders.”

With the vision, Madania School was designed as a "school of indigenous Indonesia to prepare a generation of future leaders". To achieve that vision, Madania then formulated what should be done in the form of the missions:

Educating towards:

  • reviving consciousness of God,
  • actualizing world class standards,
  • living with the nobel character, and
  • respecting Indonesian values

This means that Madania educates pupils to revive awareness of God, carry out education internationally, live with full of dignity and glory, as well as appreciate Indonesian's values and traditions. 

To keep Madania community remaining on track to achieve the vision of Madania described above, Madania’s values were assembled: Truth, inclusiveness, integrity, and intellect.

'Believe in Truth' intends that every Madania citizen has faith in God the Almighty and the absolute omnipotence. He is the beginning and the goal of every human being. 'Inclusivity' signifies that every citizen has an open attitude and tolerance towards a range of faiths, beliefs and thoughts. Therefore, in Madania School, pupils from all the faiths in Indonesia are treated in a fair and dignified manner. In fact, the children with special needs have received and are given the right to learn according to their capacity.

'Integrity' expresses that every Madania citizen has honesty and acts accordingly with their words, deeds, thoughts, and knowledge. One is considered to have integrity acts in line with the truth he knows and says and keeps himself away from misconducts. 'Intellect' means a holistic insight, not partial, not ad hoc. One should possess wide-ranging and in-depth holistic insights, so that his various views and decisions are made based on wisdom.

Based on the background, meaning, vision, and values of Madania described above, the learning programme is designed, compiled, and executed, in accordance with the law and regulations prevailing in the country of Indonesia. And in the spirit of all that, the school becomes an aspiring Madania society, a miniature of Indonesia, in which all students — and their parents — and the teachers as well as all employees of Madania, regardless of religion, skin color, or ethnic origin, can live side by side, work together, and teach with love, openness, and justice. This is apparently what Cak Nur envisioned: the civil society, the term he used to state often.

Madania School Beliefs

Madania family members:

  • inclusively accept the truth and kindness from any sources;
  • have noble characters toward themselves, others, and the universe;
  • have egalitarian act toward others;
  • are responsible for their attitudes, words, and actions;
  • are problem solvers;
  • are up-to-date with valuable current innovation; and
  • actively create conducive environment.


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